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Zap Cap It! Free Photo Caption

Posted by in on 3-13-16

Zap Cap It! Free Photo Caption

If your arm grows tired from the continuous fun, just hit the refresh button instead to continue generating outlandish phrases. The newest caption app is here, and it’s the zaniest one yet! You will be amazed, by our large collection of random captions that match your snaps like nothing else. And we will be adding more and more for free

At last, a caption app that makes you laugh has arrived! ZapCapIt is a photo app that utilizes the “capture and shake” feature, enabling you to “shake” your phone to get a crazy caption for all your photos.

ZapCapIt is a fast, easy and effortless way to cap your photos and share with your friends. Make a story out of your pictures. ZAP IT, SHAKE IT, CAP IT!!! & SHARE IT

  • Hours of Laughter!!
  • Fun and Smart!!!
  • Super Cool!!!

Cool Features:

  • Many random captions available on demand.
  • Shake your iPhone to get easily a new random caption.
  • Refresh button for tired wrists.
  • Share your snaps via facebook, twitter, email.
  • Sharing via instagram.
  • Hours of outrageous fun.
  • Works on iPod, iPad, iPhone.

download from google playDon’t miss out on the ultimate camera app that has everyone talking! Share your pictures and let everyone know what’s really shaking! All you have to do is Snap ‘n’ Shake.

Try it for yourself NOW!

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