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Building Match Games for Kids

Posted by in , on 3-12-16

Building Match Games for Kids

Preschool Building Match game shows match 2 similar building cards to link and match for stimulating the child’s senses through image, sounds and touches. Learning should always be fun. Have Fun!!! Boys Girls love Houses and Mansions!

Our Kids Building Game is similar to Car Memory Match Game, which is our new addition to kids games for 2 year or older kids. Our Building Games for kids app is a toddler’s game which is a race to find matching house card. It gets harder each round!! Our game made with old and new house for Toddlers is an addictive race to find the matching cars with speed increase at each level.

Our Houses Games is a timed three round matching game, featuring variety different buildings and new buildings on cards to match. The first round in the Building Match Games for Preschool Kids is 100 seconds and each after that is 10 seconds less, so will have the time to improve each round.

download from google playOur many thrilling feature to the Building Match Games for Preschool Kids that makes it even more awesome than just a matching game are:

  1. You must find the icons that link together in some way!
  2. When you make a linked match the matching games result will show the link.
  3. You also get some help along the way.
  4. You can use the REFRESH button 3 times.
  5. Refresh mixes up the game cards so it is easier to find linking matches.
  6. You can also use the FIND button 3 times, and this will find the matching links for you.

download from google playWhen our child grows, she or he begins to discover interesting world around them and our job is to help in it. We believe that this application will be very useful in stimulating the interest of the children and learn to identify various cars and animals and increase the skill such as:

  • Fine motor skills.
  • Memory and recognition skills.
  • Hand eye coordination.
  • Early math concepts.
  • Color

Let’s experience a revolutionary match race game that sets a new standard of fun!!!
Does your little one want to take the small cars wherever he goes and have an fantastic time playing with Houses and Cars? Then hop onto the track and ride into the Building Games for Free! Let your little farmer play with different cars.

Building Match Games for Preschool Kids is an addictive race to find the matching links, which gets harder each round. Have Fun!!!

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